Monday, October 30, 2006

Here we go again

I don't know why I'm doing this. All my attempts at blogging, forums and the like tend to die in the bum after a few months of crazed posting... ah well. Perhaps mum's post-a-day habit will keep me going. Just as well its not an expensive addiction, you could do worse.

Went back to work today after over a week of paid R & R. Drove up to Ballarat with a friend last Saturday via mum's at Castlemaine (not exactly on the way) to drop the cats off, spent the night then said friend got a lift back to Melb while I headed back to mums for the week. Much sun worship, coffee drinking and general mooching ensued; inbetween communing with goats and shingleback lizards, and settling skirmishes between the opposing cat tribes. Tuesday was spent wandering around the centre of Bendigo while mum was teaching a class, and on Wed my boy caught the train up. We went back Friday night as he had to work Sat and so, I thought, did I (remembered after I got home that I had actually swapped out of that shift some weeks before - even better!).

What better way to round off my first post then with the obligatory gratuitous cat pic, an extra special one as it is evidence of the power of food to settle all differences. From the left we have Sophie, my cat who went to live with mum because my first rental wouldn't allow cats, and who was most offended by my duplicity in daring to get new girls; big red is the more easy going Oakley, whom I believe simply takes the tack that my girls couldn't possibly be any worse then Sophie. Then we have mum Sumi and offspring Suki, rescued from Castlemaine RSPCA complete with numerous bad habits but lovable nonetheless.