Monday, November 26, 2007

Earth Dragon

This is something I sketched the other week. I think it has potential if I clean it up a bit. The Earth dragon concept is hardly original, but this is just my own take on it.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

No Wonder!

I bought some rescue remedy earlier in the month, it was what mum used to give me if I was a bit shocky. Anyway I decided it would be a good thing to have around, especially in case my piercing comes out again, since last time I got quite queasy when I couldn't get it back in.

So whats the secret behind this calming solution? Well, its made up of extracts of different flowers in a grape alcohol base. Wait a minute. Flowers and grape alcohol? That sounds familiar. It even tastes like red wine. No wonder its supposed to 'help you cope with life's ups and downs'

So it turns out alcohol really is the solution to all life's problems.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


At work we have to wear shoes with a closed toe and heel, so last summer I had to go out hunting for a pair that was suitable, but that would be alright in warmer weather. When I found this pair I fell in love with them, they are a beautiful soft leather and I really like shoes that lace up around the ankles. they also have nice detailing on the toes. The fact that I needed them for work, and that they were therefore tax deductible made these a great guilt-free purchase.

Sorry that the photos are a bit dark, it's a stinking hot day so all the blinds are closed, but they don't show up well with the flash.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sketches #2 - dragons

I have always been fascinated by dragons, and have been drawing them from quite an early age. I draw my own particular breed of dragon, they are peaceful like Eastern dragons, and often sport an Eastern-influenced beard. Physically they mostly resemble the malevolent beasts of Western mythology in terms of being generally four legged with bat-like wings, horns and a bony ridge over the eyes.

Theses sketches are roughly in order of age, from oldest to most recent. They are all completely original apart from the first, which was based on a figurine. I recently came across this tattoo design that was clearly based on the same collectible (either that or someone plagiarized mine from my obscure early website - doubtful).

The top view of the dragon in flight was the starting point for my main assessment for year 12 studio arts in 2000. The finished version is in storage so I can't show you that. The close up of the head and neck was made into a lino stamp as a minor piece for the same class.

The pen drawing of the head and arms was to be a full sized serpentine dragon going down the corridor at my last workplace. When I left the head and first couple of sections had been cut out of balsa wood, I don't know if they ever finished it.

I also designed my dragon tattoo, which I got done in February.

Click on the images to see them larger.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sketches #1 - Cats

I've just bought myself a sketchbook with the intention of starting drawing again, so I thought I'd get things started by posting some of my old sketches that live on the computer.

This is an A4 sketch of my old cat Smokey, probably dates back to around 2000.
The other two were based on illustrations in a book, and are both on post-it sized bits of paper.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gratuitous cat photos

My cats are, lets face it, odd.

Suki puss is often to be found lying flat on her back. Its no use telling her that it isn't ladylike, she'll just poke her tongue out and tell you that it isn't her fault that she isn't a lady anymore, she wasn't given much say in the matter. Its just as well she has such a cute spotty belly, which is a much healthier size since earlier in the year when she was sick and lost an alarming amount of weight. If anything she's getting tubby now.

What happens when you do a spot of spring cleaning? well naturally the feline members of the household must examine newly cleared nooks and crannies, and reassert their hold over the de-fluffed areas.


This is probably my favourite pair of heels, Chris bought them for my birthday last year. A few of my favourite pairs of shoes happen to be red. Funny that.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Wedding Bells

Saturday was the big day for Cass and Dave, and it went beautifully. The weather cleared for a day and the rain started up again once we were all safely inside the reception hall. Cass and Dave have to be one of the best couples I know, and I am really glad they found each other.

In the bridal party we have Nat, Nadine, the lovely Bret, and I cant remember the second groomsman's name.

The reception could have doubled as Cass and my 7 year high school reunion, given that there were two tables of our year level, plus Ross who was a year below. Most of the time the GWSC group were the only ones on the dance floor as well. It was great to go to a wedding with friends (previously I had only been to family weddings and an older family friends second wedding), and to catch up with some of the people I haven't seen since high school.

Friday, November 02, 2007

No rest for the wicked

Despite being sick this has been a pretty busy week, there hasn't been much happening which allowed for things that had been building up to be taken care of.

Tuesday was spring cleaning day, in between little rests Chris and I got a fair bit of cleaning and reorganising done. Not the most fun, but very necessary. Still some things to finish off as I banged my finger and had to take some time out with an ice pack, but no lasting harm done, now I just need to get around to cleaning the bathroom. I meant to make a shoesday post, but didn't have a photo ready and got sidetracked from taking one. It takes a lot of trial and error to take a decent photo of your own feet.

Wednesday Chris and I went shopping at Knox, where among other things Chris got a nice shirt and suit jacket for Cass and Dave's wedding, and I got some sneakers which I need to return as they arn't comfortable (never buy expensive shoes at the end of a long day on your feet). While we were having coffee I also found Village cinema vouchers and a forgotten JB gift card in my bag. As JB is directly opposite the cinemas, we bought movie tickets then browsed while waiting for the movie to start. I bought the complete season of Firefly, and Muppet treasure island, which is easily the best muppet movie. We then saw 'Death at a funeral', which was frankly painful to watch, and did the grocery shopping before heading home around 10pm.

On Thursday I dropped chris off at work then headed to the Glen to get a long overdue haircut. I have a tendancy to put off getting my hair cut because I don't trust anyone to do a good job. The hairdresser I got left a lot to be desired, she was way to casual about hacking into my hair. I'm certain my hair length isn't even remotely even, as she didn't even check, and she took more off than I would have liked, however it seems to be sitting ok and it probably needed the extra length off. After the cut I did a few errands around the shops, and bought some clothes. I need to return a skirt I bought as a seam is already coming undone, and I need to get some money back from another store as I got charged seperately for two shirts that were supposed to be 2 for $x. This evening I'm going to go to Knox to exchange the shoes and I'm going to try to sort the other stuff there as both chains are at Knox as well.

Cass and Dave's wedding is tomorrow afternoon, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good. Melbourne weather is unpredictable at the best of times and during Spring all bets are off. Its supposed to be a garden wedding, to be moved indoors if its raining.