Monday, October 29, 2007

Road Trippin'

On Saturday Fi and I went for a therapeutic day trip to Castlemaine. We set off armed with an MP3 disk full of musicals, and headed up, stopping briefly at Malmsbury to show Fi the old rail bridge there (still in use, as shown by the photo taken on a previous visit). I thought Fi would like it given her appreciation of old architecture and stonework.

Once we got in to Castlemaine we went to Saff's cafe for a nice lunch in the garden then headed over to mum's, where Fi spent some quality time with Caramel, her cat whom mum adopted when Fi had to find a new home for her, and also met the kids, now 5 [I stand corrected - 7] weeks old and getting really big.

After getting Fi acquainted with mum's livestock, we headed across the block to check out the new arrivals next door, a Shetland pony mare and foal, and also introduced Fi to billy Blackadder , Ruby and Rowans father [pictured]; heavily pregnant doe Nelly; and India and Scarlett, last years goatlets.

When Fi had had enough we headed back onto mum's block, and spotted these two fly-ins by the dam, dubbed Fred and George by mum. Apparently they have been visiting mum quite regularly.

Once we got back to the house Fi gave Ruby her bottle, and we spent some time relaxing in the sun and taking in the country air and view before heading home. The trip home was spent singing along with Chicago, Rent, and The Producers. Nice to have people around who are nuts about the same stuff. I dropped Fi back and hung around until it was time to pick Chris up from work, then headed home where the cold that had been looming all day came out in force, and I've been forced into taking it easy since then. My head was far to fuzzy to post yesterday, and is still pretty bad to tell you the truth, so you'll have to excuse me if this isn't the most eloquent post.

til next time

Sunday, October 21, 2007


First off a big thankyou to everyone who commented on the last post, and if you still haven't delurked, remember your comments are always appreciated!

Now its time for updated hair pics. Fi and I decided to go over it again as it didn't come out as well as we'd hoped the first time. I'm really happy with it now and have decided not to dye over it after all (at least not for a while).

ETA: Add to the new hair a new bit of shrapnel through my left [hand side, so right from your perspective] nostril, actually the same piece of shrapnel from a few months ago which came out after 6 weeks and has just been reinserted. Can I just say owie owie yowch eeeeeeeeiiiii?!?!? I was warned that it would hurt more this time because of the scar tissue as I wanted it in the same spot, and well, it did.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Centennial post!

Well, here it is, just shy of my 1st anniversary on blogger, my hundredth post.

This is another one of those 'haven't-had-time-for-a-long-post-in-a-while-so-time-to-play-catch-up' posts. Stick around though, I'll have a dig around and find something good to end on.

Sooooo lets see, what have I been up to lately? *racks brain*. I've been spending a lot of time just hanging out with Fi lately because she was staying with her parents who live around the corner from me for a couple of weeks, so we've been making the most of it before her parents move. On Sunday Fi came over in the afternoon for a BBQ, we spent the afternoon sitting out in the sun, then I dropped her back at her parents place and went to babysit my beautiful nephew Riley while Steve and Christina went to a concert. Riley is now 10 months old and scooting all over the place. He's a cheeky little giggle-pot so we had fun. He had a nap for about 2 hours before his dinner then stayed up til Steve and Chris got home at midnight, so hopefully they will have gotten a bit of a sleep in.

On Monday night Fi called me very distressed after getting some bad news and needed to be with friends, I was busy at the time so Ross went round to her place and I met them there and we all went back to my place and got exceptionally drunk. I have discovered V (guarana) and vodka. Whoa. Makes for a good night as long as you don't plan on getting much sleep. We spent most of the night outside sitting at the table, lying on the grass, and generally mucking around. We went to bed around 3.30am. Tuesday was spent recovering.

One of the good things that came out of Monday night was that before we got too drunk we managed to work out when we are seeing the Priscilla: Queen of the Desert musical and got tickets. Now I just hope everyone coughs up the money soon since I'm about $470 out of pocket.

On Wednesday Fi and I had a girly day. We met at the shops to get hair stuff, then back to my place to bleach my hair. We used a tipping cap with the result that my hair is now multicoloured brown, blond, and a coppery ginger. My hair was still a bit damp in the photo so its not really true to colour but it gives you an idea. I was a bit nervous about overdoing it as I've never used peroxide before and was weary of my hair going brittle so we didn't leave it in as long as we could have. I am going to go over it with deep red, but might stay like this for a few days first. I go burgundy from time to time but on my dark hair it really only shows up as a tint, now it should be really vivid. As I've never bleached before this also serves as a test for 'Shave for a Cure', which involves either shaving or colouring your hair to raise money for cancer. I'm planning on doing it next year. My hair has coped fine with the bleach so now I know I can do it again and dye a really out-there colour over the top. I would only shave if I raised a huge amount of money, since my hair grows quite slowly.

Now, in celebration of my hundredth post, I want you all to delurk! If I go by my comments I only have 3 regular readers plus the odd drop in. I know I get more views then that, so leave a comment!

I will leave you with some semi random photos: me with the goats on my last visit to mums, Suki playing in her tunnel, and Sumi just looking pretty

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Since blogger has been stubbornly refusing to let me upload video lately I've gone behind its back and signed up to YouTube, which was much more obliging.

This video is of Ruby and Rowan exploring their newly expanded world at two weeks old, it was taken less then three weeks ago but according to mum they have tripled in size since then.

my videos are also available here

You know what its like?

When you get something really stuck in your head and you just have to get it stuck in everyone else's? Well enjoy!

Got this classic stuck in my head thanks to yet another spoof of it. The only cure was to look it up.

Muppets rock!

xo Nadie
just a little bit evil


Today is 'alternative' shoesday. These goth/ punk boots were a recent purchase from Fitzroy. They may not be everyday wear in suburbia, but they will get their chance to shine. I'm planning on wearing them to 'witches in britches' for my next birthday. The photo doesn't do them justice at all, the boots have great detailing along the heal and up the back, as well as on the toe, and the heel is slightly higher then it looks in the picture.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Goings on

The last few days have been fairly eventful. This is the first time I've been able to sit at the computer for long enough to write about it. I've given up trying to upload video of the kids as I tried all week on both computers at home as well as at work.

Thursday evening I had my monthly massage and Chiro adjustment, I also had a sleep assessment and bought a memory foam pillow. I discovered fairly quickly that I'm sensitive to the pillow and went back to my old one, although the short exposure was enough that my eyes are still itchy. Friday I rang the chiropractors to see if I could return the pillow and was told that should be fine.

Friday night I was supposed to be going to Ross's production with Fi, but neither of us was up for a big night so I instead met up with Nat and Kenny to catch up over coffee, and after Kenny left Nat and I decided to check what was on at the movies across from the cafe. We ended up seeing a 9.15pm session of Hairspray, which I loved. If you like comedic musicals and dance then I highly recommend it. It was all kinds of cheesy but great fun. I got home about 11.45pm, about half an hour before Chris who had late shift.

Saturday lunchtime I went to Cass's hens party in Pakenham. She decided to have a Tupperware party, which I thought was an odd choice in place of a hens night but still fun. Nat and I stayed on afterwards and when Dave and Bret arrived mid afternoon we decided to have a poker night. We finished up just after 1am. Chris had no way of joining us after work so instead went to a local pub for a party for someone who was leaving his work. While there he agreed to swap shifts with someone who needed to get out of a Sunday shift. He beat me home by about an hour. Dave messaged me the next morning to let Chris and I know they are planning another hens/ bucks night in a couple of weeks, starting with dinner together then moving on from there. Should be good.

Sunday morning while Chris was getting ready for work Fi called to see if we were still on for a BBQ that I had sort-of-but-not-quite-arranged-depending-on-weather. Chris was annoyed that he was missing our first BBQ but it couldn't be helped that he had forgotten it was a possibility when he picked up the shift. Ross came over just before 4pm and we met Fi at the shops to get what we needed then headed back to my place for evening drinks before firing up the BBQ around 6pm. It started to get dark not long after eating so we moved inside for games which is how Chris found us. Fi left just after 8pm then Ross, Chris and I settled in under quilts to watch "Practical magic" before crashing.

Yesterday was busy in a much more mundane sort of way. I had a staff meeting at a local pub, then dropped by the chiropractors with Chris to return the pillow and was told that I couldn't return it, but if I could come back the next day to talk to the chiropractor they would see about exchanging it and using the return as a demo pillow. Chris and I went to The Glen from there and had a coffee before doing a much needed big shop. Once we got home I made risotto for dinner and we watched 'Clerks' and 'Chasing Amy'.

Today I exchanged the pillow [wish me luck with the new one] and just pottered around until it was time to go to work. Chris worked during the day and finished an hour after I started. I like having the house to myself for a bit every now and then but I'm glad we generally work similar hours, although I'd probably get a lot more blogging done if we didn't!

until next time

Because you asked for it

Well, mum did at least.

I mentioned a little while ago that one of the night staff at work cares for orphaned wildlife, and has been bringing a young wallaby to work lately. I finally managed to get photos of said wallaby, although not particularly good ones since he was more interested in exploring than posing. The photo of him looking over Kylie's leg is included to give an idea of size.

Tuesday Shoesday

*Thunk* that was the sound of me jumping on the shoesday bandwagon.

It was a tough deciding which pair was most worthy of the first post, but in the end the newest pair won. I found these adorable flats a couple of weeks ago at DFO's Novo. They fit beautifully and I love the vibrant shade of red, I even had a matching handbag already!

Next time: shoesday goes goth!