Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hang in there

Ms Rosie is not a well girl. In fact she is so not well that the vet is amazed that she is still with us. She is slowly getting better day by day, but it will be a long time before she is really out of the woods.

Some people seem to have difficulty with the notion of nursing "livestock" back to health and spending large amounts on vet bills, but Rosie is a much loved pet, not livestock, and part of a family that takes pet ownership very seriously. She may not be allowed in the house, but that does not make her any less part of the family then the feline occupants.

Get well soon Rosie.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A mad month in bullet points

Ok yes I know I haven't been blogging, February has been absolutely mad, on those rare occasions when I've had a spare minute to scratch myself ('scuse me), I've been more inclined to fall over than to blog. I'll go over the highlights in more detail later (promise!) but for now here are the highlights.

  • Sunday 3rd - Gay Pride March. I was called up on Saturday night and informed that I was going to the pride march in St Kilda, so I met up with Ross, Fi and Rach in the city, and we found ourselves a good spot on a balcony to watch the parade, before heading down to the gardens for the after-madness.
  • Saturday 9th - My birthday party at Witches in Britches theater restaurant. Fi stayed over the night before and we took 5 hours getting ready. Everyone got into the spirit, dressing up witchy-goth. An awesome night.
  • Monday 11th - Met up with Chris' folks, down from Townsville, QLD, and his aunt and uncle from England. Went on Puffing Billy (tourist trap old steam train) for the first time (only grew up 10mins away from the foothills).
  • Tuesday 12th - My 26th birthday. Chris got us a king corner suit on the 41st floor of the Sofitel Melbourne (swanky!), and we spent the day exploring our fair city. We had a lovely dinner at Cafe La, the hotel resturant, and a complimentary cocktail each, normally $18 a pop, at the fancy bar, because they'd kept us waiting 2 minutes when we checked in.
  • Wednesday 13th - After breakkie at the hotel restaurant, we met up with Chris' rellos by the yarra and went for a cruise to Williamstown for the day.
  • Thursday 14th - Valentines Day - Went for a pleasant drive in the Dandenongs. Watched a pair of Wedge- Tailed eagles circling while having coffee on the veranda of a nice cafe. Saw 'Juno' at Knox cinemas then had a nice dinner at Kazanna Indian restaurant.
  • Saturday 16th - Sat with Dave while mum went to the Opera, mum and Dave stayed the night.
  • Sunday 17th - Left with Fi for Wilsons Promontory, stopped at Loch for lunch and stopped in to say hi to an old friend. Ross met us at the Prom.
  • Monday 18th / Tuesday 19th - Enjoyed the pristine beaches, scenery and wildlife of the prom.
  • Wednesday 20th - Got rained out, packed up and headed home.
  • Thursday 21st - Discovered the stone had come out of my nose ring and went to get it changed. My piercer was on holidays so had to go to someone else who did a botch job and made it bleed, and who seems to have given me a ring designed for the other nostril. Not happy.
  • Friday 22nd - Back to work. Boooo! Went to visit nonna and my uncle after work, came home and cooked my famous (in the world according to Chris) aloo saag and aloo gobi (Indian veg dishes that, in the way of Indian food, taste A LOT better then they look)
  • Saturday 23rd - Games night in Pakenham.
  • Sunday 24th / Monday 25th - Most likely going up to mum's in Castlemaine to help out with ailing goat.
Detailed posts soon, with photos. We've gone over our download limit for this month so it'll have to wait until the speed picks up again.