Saturday, March 15, 2008


As my hair and scalp are still recovering from bleaching, my stylist [i.e. Fi] and I have decided to push back the colouring date a week, so at this stage its looking like being next Saturday.

Yesterday was spent doing all those little things that pile up; the day started off with getting the car checked at 9.30am, then cleaning, mopping, washing, picking up a ring that I had resized, shopping, lunch, canceling gym membership, and bringing in the washing off the line, and then a cold shower to recover from doing all this on a 40C day. Then I picked up the boy from uni and we went to see Fi. We drove the less then a k down to the shops (see above comment on the weather), checked out the bead shop and a few other places, stopped at a cafe for cold drink and I had a yum gluten, egg and dairy-free yo yo biscuit (not sure on the sugar content but no adverse effects). Then hit some more shops, dropped Fi back and headed home to have dinner and fall in a heap.

Today I worked 7am- 3pm, just got home and am picking the boy up from work in just over an hour, then tonight we have games night at Nat's place.

Thats it for now,


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catsmum said...

sounds more than moderately exhausting